Create android app for
your cafe/restaurant/bar
In 1 hour with no code

Create your app in 3 easy steps

You can create your first application right from your browser. It was never easier! Enter main info, choice functional needed for you, design. That is it. Your app is ready!

Customize your application!

We provide an easy and comfy redactor of your appplication design, which will help you to personalize the design to your needs. Logo, colours, icons, functional - you could change it exactly for your cafe!

Download the test application

CRM system inside

Your clients could easily order food to home and in a restaurant, as well as reserve a place. For it we have developed and easy and comfortable CRM system for accepting orders!

Easy content management

Create categories for your products, add products, edit contacts and many more fast and easy. Comfortable and flexible admin panel will let you to manage and edit your application in easy way. Also for your comfort we have provided an instruction for EZZCAT usage.

Increase in profit!

Due to our order and reservation system, your client flow as well as the average money your clients spend in your cafe will increase.

It is inexpensive!

For a price of several cups of cofe you will get a ready to go instrument for your business.

Customize your application!

Because of the easy and comfortable admin-panel you could with ease costymuze almost everything

Be in trend!

What can be better for your marketing than to have an application on the fastest-growing mobile operation system

It saves money and time

If you would order an application like the one you can create with EZZCAT it would cost you ~200 times more and would take ~1000 times longer.

Be unique on the market!

Only 2% on the cafes/restaurants/bars have their own Android application. Be unique and use this feature in your marketing!

All your customer needs
in your application